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What is Website Validation?

Website validation is a check of the HTML code that ensures that the website or webpage adheres to the standards set by W3C.

Who are W3C?

W3C stands for World Wide Web Consortium.  The consortium was created to try to promote a standardisation of technologies used on the internet.  It is designed to ensure maximum compatibility between the different browsers and systems that utilise the internet.

W3C has provided a set of guidelines and standards that professional web designers and developers try to stick to with the result that the websites they build can then be shown consistently in all types of web browsers.  Basically if they all speak the same language then, regardless of the web browser, the web pages will look and act in the same way.

Is it important to validate your website?

All web browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome etc) understand and translate HTML, but they all do it slightly differently.  They each have extra codes or commands that might work in that particular browser, but not necessarily in other browsers.  The upshot of this is that a website might look great and work perfectly in Internet Explorer, but render completely differently in Firefox and crash Safari.

It would be impossible to test websites on every single browser to see if they perform correctly, however by validating the HTML / XHTML code and making sure it reaches the W3C standards is a good way to ensure the website is compatible in as many browsers as possible.

How can you validate your website?

All good webdesign companies, such as Hemel Hempstead Web Designers will validate all website with W3C before they publish them.  This ensures that your website will look great in as many browsers as possible.  This should be an essential question you ask when choosing your Hertfordshire web designer.  If you have designed your own website you can check its validation at

If there are many errors and you don't know or don't have time to fix them then contact Hemel Hempstead Web Designers and let us do the work for you.

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