Monday, 14 May 2012

MySQL - Database programming Hemel Hempstead

Database Basics

Hertfordshire web designers can help you with Database Basics.

A database server is a computer program that can store huge quantities of information in a logical organisation that can then be accessed and sorted easily via programming languages such as PHP.  To take an example a database could be set up with a list of types of birds and their characteristics and you could ask PHP too find in the database a list of birds that you would like to appear on a particular web page.

For this example the list of birds and their characteristics would be stored completely in the database.  There are two main advantages in this approach.  The first is that you wouldn't have to write HTML code for each of the types of birds, you could just write a single PHP script that could fetch any bird details from the database, then generate an HTML page on the fly.

The second advantage of using a database in conjunction with PHP is that it is quick and easy to add information, just be inserting the data into the database.  The PHP code would then process it, automatically showing the new information with the original information when it fetched the details from the database.  Hemel Hempstead web designers use PHP when designing your website.

Databases consist of tables which contain a list of items made up of columns and rows.

MySQL is free and available to everyone, and it is also relatively easy and logical to use so you will find that most web developers use it.

If you need a database adding to your website, or want us to design a completely new database then contact Hemel Hempstead Web Designers.


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